This was my 1995 standard cab Dodge Dakota. That is the only picture I have at this moment of it. I am trying to check with some of my friends to look for more. This was in 2003 when digital cameras were still expensive and film cameras were all we had. So hopefully I will find more. It had a 3.9 with a 5-speed manual trans and hydraulics. I had bought it for $3500 back in January of 2003, with most of the mods listed below, to finish it up and have a really cool toy to play with, but saddly I managed to total it late spring of that year before I could finish it. It had: *hydraulics, with a simple 2 pump setup with 6 batteries. *Custom bright green metallic paint (could have used a fresh paint job because of areas like the front bumper) *Shaved handles, emblems, smoothed grille *Some small 15" wire wheels (probably would have got some 18s with low pros for it) *Color matched mirrors, grille, lower valance (pretty much every exterior part). *Fiberglass rear roll pan *Sunroof *Blow-through rear window to house a sub box for 4 12s (never got to install them) *Smooth topper on the rear to cover the hydraulic equipment and sub box *Tweed interior with custom matching bucket seats. *2 sets of 6.5" component speakers powered by an old DB drive 4 channel and an old pioneer cd player (which I moved to my 2000 Dakota until I got the Alpine HU) A part of me wishes I still had it. It was so much fun and not something I would have built on my own. It was a PITA to drive though too. Its no wonder why air bags are so popular; hydraulics ride like shit, but man were they ever fun. But if it didn't die, I wouldn't have my current truck, which is my baby.