I loved this little car. I bought it while I still had my caddy because my caddy was just costing way too much in gas. I bought this car for $1100. It was a great little car - very fast too! It had a 1.8L fuel injected 16valve engine. It had a manual 5-speed. Whoever had it before me had a custom stereo system in it and ripped it out before they sold it. They put some crappy stereo in and didn't even bolt it down, so every time I took off real hard it would come flying out of the dash and land in the ash tray. it was kind of funny! This car was tiny - to drive it I put the seat all the way back and leaned it back a ways and then my head would be touching the ceiling so I would open or vent the sun roof. This car had a manual sun-roof with a crank - I'd never seen one before. I wrecked this car a few different times. Once I was backing up and clipped a telephone pole that ripped off the front bumper. I once backed it right into a pole, and I was going so fast that there was a big round impression of the pole in my rear bumper ever after. I put a lot of money into keeping this car running because I liked it so much. I probably put a few thousand dollars into fixing it, way more than I paid for it in the first place. Once, right after I got it out of the shop and had just replaced the clutch, water pump, radiator, and did a valve job and some other work. Well I was driving in the mountains and I was thinking that my tires were getting pretty bald and next paycheck I was going to get new tires. Well then I was going around a hairpin corner and I turned to go around but my car kept going straight into the side of the mountain. It completely crushed the front end and destroyed the tire. I was lucky that I had a doughnut spare because I couldn't have fit a full-sized spare into that crushed wheel-well. And to make it worse I was on a first date with this girl I had just met at a job I had just started. To fix it this time would cost a few thousand dollars, and it just wasn't worth it anymore. To bad too because that car was full of new parts, it was almost a new car with everything that I had fixed on there. I'd always wanted an SUV, even before they were called SUVs, so the day after I wrecked it, I went and bought an Isuzu Rodeo. i had that for about 3 days before I traded it in for my first Ford Explorer.