This was my 2nd car ever. I bought it for $600 after I wrecked my Datsun pickup to the point I didn't want to fix it anymore. It had every available option for that model year except power locks and over-drive. It has some really cool features like a power trunk and turning lights - It had headlights that point out to the side that come on when you turn your blinker on, so you can see where you're going when you want to turn. It had the 501 CI long block engine in it. It got about 8 MPG, and if I babied it and never drove it over 55, it might get up to 12 MPG. The dry weight of this vehicle was about 5600 pounds. I once ran out of gas about 2 blocks from the gas station. I got out and thought I could push it. I moved it about 8 inches before deciding to walk to the gas station and buy a gas can. When I first got it, it had a soft top. The top was rotting and torn around the edges. Once I was driving down the road and heard a big ripping noise noise. Wind had gotten under the soft top and ripped it completely off the car. I saw it floating to the ground in my rear-view mirror. I never went back for it. There was a lot of rust holes in the roof. Someone told me you can fill holes with bondo. They never told me you're supposed to weld metal into the hole first. I used a gallon and a half of bondo filling those holes, and probably added at least 30 pounds of weight to the car. The engine on this thing was pretty strong. And since it was so heavy, you could spin the tires for almost a whole block. In the 8 months that I had this car, I think I blew out 3 tires doing this. I guess they'd just get too hot and explode. Of course I only put the cheapest possible tires on it that I could find - maybe that was the problem! I named this car "Happy As Shit" because the 3 letters on the license plate were HAS and I had to think of something for them to stand for. This car was huge. I don't know if you can understand how big it is. There is a reason that they called these old cars Land Yachts. It is a Coupe DeVille, meaning that it's a 2-door model, yet it was 8 inches longer than my mom's 1991 GMC Suburban. I was once renting a house that had a small garage and my caddy stuck 3 feet out of the garage. I never was able to close the door with it in there. I used to take this car off-roading - no joke! I only paid $600 for it and it couldn't get any uglier, so I figured I didn't have much to lose if I wrecked it. It was so long that I had to be careful not to get it hung up. Once I was with my friend Dave and we saw a dirt mound with a patch of tall grass on the other side and I thought it would be cool to jump it off the dirt mound and land it in the tall grass. We found out that the grass wasn't tall, it was short and growing on a pile of bricks. The car landed right in the middle of the pile of bricks, with all 4 tires about 2 feet off the ground. We walked about 2 miles back to where Dave parked his car - a Pontiac Grand Am. At first we thought his car might be able to push my car off the bricks, but no such luck - he just kept spinning his tires. So then we figured the only way to get it off was to ram it off. We were smart enough to realize that there is no way that his plastic bumper would hold up against my 4-inch steel bumper. So what I did was stand between the cars (not right between them, but off to the side) with my spare tire, and he would charge at my car and right before they hit I throw the tire between the two cars to soften the impact. This idea actually worked pretty good - about 5 or 6 rams and he knocked it off the pile. He did end up cracking some of the lens on his day-time running lights, but other than that the tire protected his car pretty good. The Caddy versus The Invincible TV: Once I was driving around a gas station and I saw that someone had put one of those big old console TVs by the dumpster. I put it in my trunk and took it home to see if I could get it to work. Well the circuit board was cracked almost in half, so I called my cousin Drexel and we decided to destroy it. We took it out to an empty field. We shot his BB gun at it for a while, but barley scratched it. Then we started throwing big gravel rocks at it and it cracked a little bit. We found a 2-inch thick branch that fell off a tree and tried beating the TV with it. We took turns beating it until the branch broke. The glass on those old TVs is incredibly thick! Then I went to get my Caddy. I drove at the TV at about 35-40 MPH and when I first hit it, it didn't break! It just bounced off my front end and landed about 30 feet in front of me. I just kept driving and hit it again and it finally exploded into shards of glass and wood and electric components. In it's last dying breath, it had managed to take one of my headlights with it. And that's the story of My Caddy vs The Invincible TV. I eventually abandon this car when I got my VW Scirocco. I left it at my uncles house and my cousins used it for bull-dozer practice before they finally sold it for scarp metal.