This is my 2002 Ford Mustang I got as my very first car back in HS. I was planning on getting an import such as an Acura Integra or an Eclipse, but this car was only $12K with 10 miles from the test drive!It now has become my small "money pit". I've only done minor mods and plan on keeping it that way. I'd love to have a turbo kit installed when I eventually lose my mind and possessing a large sum of money.Performance Mods: MAC Fenderwell CAI, H-Pipe, Dual Flowmaster Exhaust, Mach 1 8.8 Rear Axle with 3.55 gears, Performance tuned with SCT Tuner Custom 92 Octane Performance Tune.Exterior Mods: 8000K Bi-xenon HID conversion kit, GT Rear Bumper Cover, Saleen 3 Piece Wing, Blacked-out headlight and tail-light covers, 17x9 Black 10th Anniversary Cobra Wheels, Mach 1 Chin Spoiler, Amber Yellow Euro-Clear Fog Lights, black privacy tint, Eibach Spring Lowering Kit, Painted Brake Calipers.Future projects: Performance Cam, Port and Polish intake, UDPs, short shifter, GT Side Scoops.Possible projects: Oldschool ford big block conversion. Boss 525 Clone project.