CALL 02-774-34-69 . 02-774-34-68 . 02-461-6750. 0922-821-6853 Welcome... OFW's, give your family and relatives the most valuable, affordable and easy to maintain mode of transportation today. Introducing the most affordable, fuel efficient, multi-purpose utility vehicles in the philippines today - The Suzuki "EXACAB" multicab. Built small but tough enough to trek the small roads in the city and provinces. Can fit in any make shift small garage. Sleek enough to pass thru everyday traffic conditions. But fast enough for our express ways.Available in different models: pick up, pick up w/ canopy, jeepney type, FB body, aluminum van, versa van, double cab. Optional : also in 4wd and w/ bigtires.Good for business delivery purpose like: water station fresh bread softdrinks karaoke rental machine shops fish dealer fruits dealer vegetables dealer tires & battery etc...also: for school service, ambulance, sales agents, personal & familyuse.Pls visit our website more pics and info.