Car has since been sold to a friend looking for a project. I collected alot of parts for my build but decided I had too many projects going on and I got rid of it. Ill get another in the future that is for sure but for now this car is gone.  Bought the car intending to use it for a V6 swap project (NA body supposedly a more rigid body then the turbo model). Car is an orignial new york car with nonleaking t-tops, has a clean title, 104k miles on the clock and no rust. The engine is nonturbo with a manual transmission and did run prior to my storage of it. Came with a TRD short shifterUpdate:Bought all the missing exterior trim pieces, bought a complete turbo wiring harness from front to rear, bought a new engine lid latch and cable since mine is siezed, have new window switches w/ power miror control, gauge pod, ... Have a turbo tranny, turbo hubs/spindles, among other things coming for the car. I was thinking about using a 2001 5vzfe block and have been talking with another shop about building one. Thats about all I can let out other then im looking to spin at or over 12000rpms with a frankenstein setup turbocharged.Unfortunately, I have had way too many small problems with with my black alltrac so the majority of my time and money is going into getting that where it needs to be to catch the price Im asking for it. Timeline for this project got pushed to this summer so I can do everythign at once.