I bought this car used in 1997 with about 60000 miles on it. This car was exceptionally clean and un-molested. The first thing I did was add exhaust. You couldn't hear it running. Flowmasters installed by my buddy and I at the base hobby shop. Header and an H-pipe to finish it up. Next we installed a set of 3.55 Motorsport gears. Now it had the get up, it just needed some more go. Over the next year and some change I collected all the parts I needed for a 320 horse car. I started with a DSS 306 crate motor with a windage tray and stud girdle. Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads, E-cam, 1.6 RR, 24lb injectors, 65mm trottle body, Cobra intake, 76mm throttle body, CAI, Hurst short throw shifter and a Black magic electric fan. 08/99 With all this and some tuning, I best run was at Rockingham, NC for the 5.0 civil wars shootout. The car ran 12.51 @ 109 on Hoosier slicks. Of all the tracks I have run at I found they did the best prep work. VHT is good. At the local track outside New Bern, NC (1/8th m) the car would muster 8.0 and occasional 7.99 on a cool night. I wanted more from the basic set up, so in went a set of 4.10's and Auburn Pro diff. and some Moser axles and a line lock. But the season was over and would have to wait for next year. I then found out I was getting out of the Marine Corps and moving back home to Atlanta. Other than occasional runs at Fun Ford Weekend @ Commerce, GA, my racing slowed down for a while. I convinced my wife that I needed a blower for the stang, which in turn cost me a baby grand piano. It seemed like a fair trade to me...the wife gets what she wants and so do I. In comes the Vortech V-1 S-trim. I installed the unit and wow what a difference. But at the top, around 5000 RPM the car fell on its face. No knocking or pinging. It was fuel starved. I then installed 38LB injectors and a different metering tube for the Mass air meter. But the Mass air meter didn't work so well with the blower. I bought a Pro-M and all was better. This car ran like a bat out of hell now. What a difference. It actually scared me. I could not believe the difference. Ladies and Gentlemen, lets talk about balancers. The stock balancer is great but not for a power adder car. I had timed this car for 12 lbs of boost. Well after a year or so I started blowing head gaskets. I would replace the blown ones and back on the street. Well after 3 sets, I was sick of this. I yarded the motor out and major trouble ensued. I found the bearings had been washed out and knew I had to rebuild. Upon pulling the motor apart I found 6 of 8 pistons cracked and the balancer had slipped to 40 degrees @ TDC. I couldn't believe the car was even running. This has also happened to my friend Matt. Well here we are 3 years later(1/07) and I am now interested in getting the car back together. Lot's of changes have been made. QA1 K-member swap front coil-overs battery moved to trunk 306 decked and cleaned up by Maloof Racing Ross race pistons 42LB injectors Vortech Aftercooler Aluminum radiator stage 3 ported TW heads by TEA 1.72 RR back to 3.55 gears Edelbrock Victor 5.0 Vortech Race bypass 3/17/08 Finally, the moment of truth. It's St Pats day and although I would rather go out and get drunk, the Mustang sits there waiting to be fired up. So, I carry my lazy ass out to the garage after the 4 year 2 month rebuild. Check over everything one last time and hope the planets are aligned. Crank and after some minor adjustments; she fires up. A few minutes of tuning and she is running good. TIME TO GET DRUNK... 3/18/08 Pull old red out of the garage and wash of 4 years worth of dust off of the windows. Pull out in the street and hear major clunking. Pull back in the garage. After putting the car back on jackstands, I find the cause of the noise. The FMS driveshaft is much larger than the stock unit and is rubbing on my driveshaft loop. Temporarily remove D/S loop. I pull the car back out of the garage. Get the car warmed up and hammer it. HOLY SH*T! This car is nastier now. For those of you who have a problem with the "take it out and hammer it" check out this website: http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm I have used this guys info for breaking in engines in the past with no problems. As he says: "Warning: This is a very controversial topic !!" After a few weeks I finally have worked out bugs in my spare time. I am trying to race this season at Commerce, but with every step forward, I take several back. Took the car to run it through the GA State Emissions. The car passed nice and clean. Even though I know it will and always does pass, for some stupid reason I stress about it. 6/11/08 Dyno time. I am optomistic as most people are when they go to the dyno. Yet, I know in the end I probably will be disappointed. I arrive at Atlanta Chassis Dyno (http://www.bradbrand.com/) after an hour of driving from my job in ATL. The car is good and hot and the temp outside is in the high 90's. The humidity is quite low for this time of year in ATL. The car had about an hour to cool down. We strapped it to the rollers. Brad did a couple of light pulls first. We found the boost was falling off early in the RPM's. Tightened the blower belt and finally 8lbs all the way to redline. After checking out the A/F ratio we found the motor was way to rich. We disconnected the FMU which only has a 2:1 ratio. The car picked up 20 horses. I was shocked by the increase. Brad's dyno started acting up and we only got one more pull and not to redline. 446 @ the wheels. Not bad for a 8 lbs of boost out an emissions legal 306. 7/5/08 Now I'm in sure of boost. I was running a 2.87in pulley. I am now installing a 2.5in pulley. I sure this will pickup the power quite a bit. 7/6/08 I decided to go to the local Advance Auto Parts for a Goodyear gatorback belt. I had already researched the part numbers so as not to confuse the idiots working there. I received the usual what kind of car stuff they ask. I told them what I was doing and all I needed was a belt. These guys cannot figure much of anything out if it is not for a completely stock car. I have gotten to the point of making stuff up. Sorry, if I offended any auto parts store employees, I know there are good ones out there. Just not in ATL near my house. Anyway, after wasting 30 minutes I left the store. I went home and ordered the exact same stuff from Advances website. How pathetic. Sorry, I had to vent... Now we wait for parts.