This ute i bought mostly for the running gear. I got it for $800 which is godd considering the bloke wanted $1300 for it. It had a 308, Turbo 400 box, power steering air con, and a LSD. The body was rat shit but repairable. In 2006 i was studying at tafe in a 6 month motorsport course. At the close of the course we decided to have a break up which ulttimately somehow happend to be at my place. Because i had l;ots of land and a heap of shit layin around a few of the boys decided one night over a few beers it would be a great idea to have a bounout comp where anyone who has a car and willing to use it do a bournout and the best one wins a slab of Wild Turkey. I have a one tonner drag car with a blown 308 and runs low sevens (without NOS :) thats right ) which i planned to use forgetting i blew the drice shaft out of the diff 2 months prior so i was lost for what to use. i looked at the HZ andf considered using it but backed down as it wasnt in perfect running order for something like this and especially on a 40 degree Mildura day. Feeling like a soft cock i decided that i would not enter. Considering alot of the boys had their own drag cars and our teacher was darren morgan 2 time winner of the australian top fuel championship. i knew there was goin to be alot of good competition. 12 cars and 10 ppl arrived for the bournats and the pad was ready. Last count there was prob 50 tyres laying around not including the ones i was hiding in the neghbours shed. Smoke all day it was unbelievable some cars fried some cars dominated and to rub it in some cars could hardly spin one and the only smoke was from the exhaust and from over the hood where there so called (drag motors) were reving till they died. Beer and peer pressure had a big factor played a major factor in my next move. I DECIDED I WOULD TRY THE UTE. I got onto the pad and the cheering and loud music was drained out by the beat of my heart and the pray i was saying for nothing bad to happen. Turns out for a ute which i had never done a bournout in and i underestimated strongly did a fucking amazing burnout and 2 and a half minutes later b 2 popped tyres and a wrecked paint job i swiftly moved to the next round. To cut a long story short after more beers and just as many tyre changes i became victorious and crowned champ of 06 tafe burnouts. I was stoked not because of the burnout but because i was so drunk and i just won some turkeys to properly finish me off. The last set of GM pattern tyres were fitted to the old girl and i got her ready for the victory burnout where i could rub it in to all the LOSERS i just whipped. I could tell the timing was out so i decided to got a little bit softer on her. nearing 3 minutes later i thought fuck it and planted her and set it into a mad spin upon doing so she chugged and chugged then died all i could smell was hot brakes and burning oil. i lifted the hood and there it was on fire the radiators green blood spewing and i knew i had just killed one of my favriot things. She is still in that spot up the back i still go to see her promising her a full rebuild when the time is right. Which will prob not be for a long time considering i now have 3 toranas and my one tonner. But i have made a pact and it will be done. Unless of course i get a good offer lol :)