pioneer sterio with pioneer speakers. standard v8 5.0 liter something like 160 hp? 4,000 lbs of american made steel. shows how well these are built... i was rear ended recently by this lady. i was completely stopped when all of the sudden she comes outta nowhere behind me and slams into the back of my caddy at like 50-60 mph. the front end of her expedition is crushed almost to her door. my caddy's bumper gets 1 dent. the cop that came to the scene said "Are you sure thats the car??? Damn thats a caddy for yea." her excuse for hitting me was and i quote: "I thought you were gonna run it so i was gonna too." she had her 10-11 year old son in the front seat. talk about a dumb blonde.... she pissed the cop off when she said that too. "Excuse me mam did i hear that right? You were going to run a red light??" im going to be going to the junkyard to see about a replacement bumper and a few minor things soon.