basically stock. power windows locks etc... sounded like my buddys honda when it idled... i bought this car from 1 andrew hutchins. he bought it from his neighbor but never got the title in his name. i had paperwork describeing the transfer from original owner to him to me but the dmv couldnt get the car tagged without andrew physically there. apparently he skipped town completely. my insurance company (direct general nice guys) didnt ask for a tag just that i pay the 25$ extra each month to insure the car. my lawer and i were in the process of hunting andrew down but during that process code enforcement came around and cited me on the car. said no tag get it outta here. i didnt have the cash to store her again so i had to let her go. the hatchback's hood, sidepanel, bumper and soon to be both halogen headlights are all from the coupe. right now i dont know if she's been crushed into a cube or exported back to japan to be rebuilt (engine only had 80000 miles on it and ran like new.) UPDATE!! Ive found her. she's at st. petersburg cofers. andrew, if you see this... i blame you for sentenceing my first car to its demise. i blame you and if i ever get my hands on you... ill introduce you to my tire iron.