ENGINE - 98 turbo DOHC conversion. 98 GSX refinished head, ARP 7-bolt studs, 3G revised lifters. - 98 turbo intake manifold ported to 62mm throttle body. Includes 2G turbo coil packs, FPR, and sensors. - 2G turbo 450cc low impedence injectors and resistor pack with stock 2G fuel pressure regulator. - 98 GST ECU swap with installed 2G knock sensor and 450cc injectors. 98 Spdyer guidelines here - Zeitronix Wideband O2 system w/logging - SS 6AN fuel line from filter to fuel 2g turbo fuel rail w/6AN fittings. - Walbro 190 LPH fuel pump with 10AWG pump rewire mod on VFAQ.com - Hyundai Valve cover refinished by yours truly w/allen bolts. - Mitsubishi 94 DOHC 4G64 Galant timing belt and head gasket. - 4G64 DOHC CAM gears and head gasket from 94 2.4L Galant. - BBK 62mm 2G turbo throttle body (stock is 54mm) w/ ISC idle valve blockoff plate. - Homemade ISC CEL elimator. -EVO Big 16G turbo ported from Forced Performance. -EVO III O2 housing ported heavily by Forced Performance. -EVO Exhaust manifold nicely ported -25X7 core hybrid Bar-n-plate front mount intercooler. -VRS 2.5 mandrel bent downpipe and catback w/Magnaflow muffler for a GST. Testpipe and resonator removed. -2.5" Stainless steel intercooler piping custom made by Forced Performance. K&N filter on 3" intake pipe. -GM 3" MAF and MAF Translator for 2G DSM in blow-thru configuration. -2G turbo used oilpanCleaned and painted w/SS pan bolts and magnetic drain bolt -Turbochargers.com braided oil return line for turbo. -Joe P manual boost controller set for 10PSI - Taylor Thundersport 10.5mm 50 series spark plug wires for turbo Eclipse. -Fluidyne 2G turbo SS radiator - Flex-a-Lite dual low profile radiator fans for 2G Eclipse (black) w/ 170 thermostat - Optima 34/78 Series Red Top battery & Alum tie. Homemade O2 free ground wires. - Jaz Products oil valve cover breather/overflow bottle (eliminates injecting hot/oily air into intake). - Energy Suspension engine mount inserts. - Vented Carbon Fiber hood from Forced Performance w/Tenzo SS hood pins. - Spyder Fuse box bracketry removed and box relocated DRIVETRAIN - 8.5lb Fidanza aluminum flywheel (stock Spyder flywheel weighed at 15.5 lbs) - ACT 2100 Clutch kit - MachV Symborski shift kit: metal bushings to reduce shift play - B&M Short shifter (35% throw setting) - GM Synchomesh Transmission fluid - Tenzo 17" Psycho Rims 215X45 Series Toyo Proxy tires - Front Brembo Cross drilled and slotted rotors with semi-metallic pads - Rear caliper brake conversion from a donor GST (stock Spyder brakes are drum brakes). New Brembo rotors. - Goodrige stainless steel brake lines for front and rear. - Metal bushing replacing the rubber shift cable bushings on tranny for more precise shifting. - Stainless steel clutch line from RRE - MOMO aluminum shift knob - Cruise Control removed. Non Cruise throttle cable installed resulting in smoother throttle action. INTERIOR - Gadgetseller.com blue digital air/fuel gauge - Zeitronix ZT2 Wideband O2 system. Pc jack wired into cockpit near ECU. - MAFT control box extended into center console storage box. - MOMO Aluminum shift knob - Raptor RPM shift light - Alpine 7892 CD Receiver and Polk 6 1/2 speakers at 4 corners. Pulled the factory AMP too. - Alarm System - RAZO carbon fiber pedals. - Custom painted interior center dash to match white exterior - Autometer Ultralight Boost, EGT, voltage, and oil pressure gauge - Manual cockpit switches to turn ON/OFF FAL fans and gauge lights - Indiglow gauge panels - Bel 960 Radar Detector - Automatic antenna replaced with low profile non-electric model. Pulled the electric motor. - Xenon "bright white" headlight bulbs - GTech Pro performance meter. Great for 1/4 runs and seeing mod improvements - PocketLogger tuning software on Palm M100 to monitor A/F, timing, fuel trims, RPM, etc. SUSPENSION -2G Turbo Front Strut tower brace