Well, its sure as hell been a while since this was updated haha, things once again have taken yet another turn for my once neglected Mini, due to the demise of the motor in my R32 Skyline (RB25DE, big end failure) and my runabout Nissan Presea deciding to heat seize on me, i've decided its time the mini came out of the garage again. Rather than the wild turbo build i'd originally planned, i've decided to keep the car sane enough to be driven daily and for those lazy summer weekend beach hops, but still with enough poke for a good rip out in the country on Sundays, plus the odd hillclimb event. My 1275 block may well be poked so once i get measurements back from the shop, i'll make the decision to either oversize and go 1293 (1310 at a push) or start again with another 1275 block and pistons, possibly even an ex-Aussie GT 11 stud motor, but this is still very much an undecided area of the car at the moment. Body-wise the roof was showing signs of rot and plenty of rust and has been taken back to bare metal, upon which i discovered some shocking rust repairs and filler almost quarter of an inch deep in some places. Otherwise the body is fine, little surface rust around the seams which needs some sanding and Rustkill and the usual signs of rusting in the battery tray, but other than that, there are two small dings in the passenger door and a slight dent in the driver side just under the door handle. All the original chrome is still in great condition on this car, apart from some light scratching of the front bumper and a scrape on the left headlight surround where some idiots decided to try pick the car up at the pub and knocked it into a wall in the process... However seeing as i'd rather have the trim perfect or none at all i've opted for the latter, the car will be de-bumpered and the seams shaven, the front and rear valances straightened out, both headlight surrounds replaced with genuine Rover items, the boot hinges will be bright chromed, as will all the towhooks, doorhandles will be professionally polished and a chrome number plate light binnacle will be sourced from the UK. Still undecided on a colour, tossing up between gloss black, matte black with matte silver pinstriping for the rat rod look, metallic key lime green, fire truck red or a Ford sea green/blue pearly type colour i've seen on an XR6, all except the matte black will be finished with the classic white roof and Cooper stripes. Taking the job on myself and despite the fact this will be the first car i've completely painted, im confident enough to say it will come out looking professionally finished =P Interior is still in great condition but will be replacing the front seats with Recaro reclineables from an Integra Type R and re-trimming the rear seat with fresh fabric in whatever colour suits the exterior (thinking black with red piping to set off the red Recaros up front). Otherwise it'll be a simple affair inside with an alloy dash retaining the original Smiths speedo, however both the water temp and oil pressure gauges will be replaced with chrome-bezeled electric gauges from Auto-Meter or VDO, and will be joined by an oil temp gauge and volt-meter. Will be using the Momo Prototipo steering wheel from my Skyline for its simple, classic drilled 3 spoke look, fresh black carpet on the floor with embroidered Leyland Mini mats and possibly a very basic stereo setup with 6x9's under the rear seat and a decent headunit mounted on the passengers side of the dash. Work's already well underway and i'm hoping to see this car back on the road again by Xmas this year, just in time for the peak summer season. Keep watching :)