NISSAN CEFIRO - MAXIMA > TEANA JM230 V6 Hi guys. i thought you maybe like the way maxima tuning could looks like in asia. i am impressed about some listet cars in this community. so i decide to join. the teana comes here in the 2005 modell in 200-230 JK and JM. the new 2007 modell in JS. we not have the 3,5liter engine here and the transmission is 4 gear auto. i fall in love with the interior of this car and from my point of view the most beautiful exterior (sedan) on the market. i am from germany and normaly fallin` in US cars of better days. as added min. 200% tax here in asian market for import luxury goods it makes no sence for me to drive US or german cars here. so i choose one of the most beautiful and comfortable japanese cars i have ever seen > TEANA. full option price is around 44.000 $US. 2nd hand one year old could be around 30.000 $US. but you know how much it could cost to make it realy N I C E !