I have been compiling a Database/Register for all GSi2000 models left in existence here in the UK for some time now, but as numbers are reseeding, im trying new venues to try and gather some additional GSi's I may of missed on the www, including Vauxhall related car forums/communities, and Vauxhall Heritage, hence my page on here. My GSi collection is pictured at the bottom of the page, as you can see, Im a serious enthusiast, and wish to touch base with like minded people. All the GSi's listed on the Register will eventually find there was onto the database which will be incorporated on my website, GSi-R "The GSi-Register". I have been collecting info for quite a while now of all GSi's found around on the www, and online forums/galleries, Auto Trader, Fish4, eBay, and other online car outlets by painstakingly looking through Members cars, and contacting owners/sellers, and new owners (buyers), but need additional info. Even if your Gsi has been scrapped, i would also like to know the requested info below please. I would appreciate it if owners could email me the following details. * Registration of vehicle Plus... 1. Is the car Taxed, Sorn, or scrapped? 2. Is the car 4x4 or 2wd ? 3. Was the car originally 4x4 or 2wd? 4. Paint code? 5. Standard, or Modified? 6. How many previous owners? 7. Location in the UK? 8. 4 photos of vehicle. (both sides, front and rear) Please email all the details (Reg 1-8) to c3mky@tiscali.co.uk You will receive a confirmation email, and an annual list of figures by email of all GSi's on the Database. (Your full registration number will not be posted publicly by myself). You will also receive an invite to register to the GSi Register, which is currently under construction.(Jan07) Dont worry if your not sure if your already on the database, still email me your details please. Thanks for your corporation.