This is my 69 firebird 400. I got it about a few years ago as a first project car. I got it as a trade for the body of a 1930 ford that my dad had. The car has no rust or dents, though there is a spot on the rear quarter panel that has been bondoed, so I'll have to check that out better before I paint it. I also think that the passenger side front fender has been replaced because it doesnt perfectly match the other side. When I got it, it had no engine, but we had a sbc 400 laying around so i put that in. The tranny is a TH350 with a new Hurst rachet shifter. Most of the interior is original but worn. The front seats arent bad, but I have no idea what they're are out of. I'm going to buy the materials for the seats very soon, so hopefully that part will be done shortly. I'm planning on painting it dark metallic charcoal, which I think will make it look pretty clean. The pictures i have are pretty low quality, but they give you an idea, I'll probly be adding better ones soon. It has a new 10 bolt posi rearend the frame has been connected, it had all new shocks and springs, and traction bars. I'm currently looking for a new dash panel because the previous owner carved it up pretty good for a tape player. Well tell me what you think of it. Thanks.UPDATE: Im planing on either building a coil-over converion or buying the AirRide Technologies AirBar kit, I'm not sure if ill do coil-overs or shockwaves yet. I'm also planning on pro-touring it, so 4-wheel slotted discs, tubular control arms, anti roll bars, and a set of Coy's Gunmetal C5 rims (18x9.5 rear and 17x8 front) will be in order. The top 2 pics are a concept of what it may look like when its done. I used Tom Rauchu's completed 'bird for editing because his color is simillar (but lighter) to what I plan on using. You can see his car at I did some shaving in the renditions that i probly wont do, but let me know what you think of them.   UPDATE: Completed final computor concept for the car. This, with the exception of the drum brakes is exactly what she'll look like as soon as I have a few more dollars to throw at it. I've decided to go with a semi-gloss black paint with 17/18 inch American Racing CL205 Rims. I used 69brrrd's car for a base for editing, so I know the rim size is right. let me know what you think.