My second Saturn SL Sedan Project. Sold back to the guy I bought it from after a month or two. I'm keeping this page to document what I had done. Just because you sold a car dosen't make the fact that you saved it from the junkyard, restored and modified it meaningless, right?Purchased a Crashed Saturn, had it towed home, obtained and installed an entire (much better) body, repaired the collision damage, purchased new floor mats and wheel covers... All for under $400!This Saturn was originally metallic hunter green w/ gold trim. It was in a front end collision that ripped out the driver's side steering knuckle, removing the left front fender, crimping the hood and mashing the nose and crash bar support on the left side.I bought it as was for $100, managed to find a donor '94 SL2 and had my way with that car for an unheard-of $125, removing all body panels except for the unremoveable roof.I even took the headlights, tail lights and all four, complete doors. I also got the steering knuckle, but unfortunately that was not a fit for my '95, so I had to buy one elsewhere (additional $40)I rebuilt the car, replacing every body panel and using the best of all available trim and operating parts, i.e. window regulators, etc.The finished product took 25 hours, cost $385 total (incl. tow, new floor mats & wheel covers) and it looked like this: