Kat admires her new Crossfire! as salesman looks on... Deals done! She leaves with her brand new prize! Glamor shots as she parks it in front of our home. 18" wheels 225/40R18 front and 19" wheels 255/35R19 rear Michelin Pilot Sport tires. 11.8" front, 10.9" rear brakes. Stock, plush interior. 5 spd-dual shift automatic: 3.95 1st, 2.423 second, 1.486 third, 1.00 forth, 0.833 fifth, 3.147/1.93 reverse ratios 195.2CID/(3.2Liters) 215hp @ 5700rpm. (max recomended rpm: 6,000) 3.54" bore/3.30" stroke. 229ft.lbs. @ 3,000rpm. 10.1 comp ratio non-supercharged Mercedies V6 engine under all that cover. Didn't take her long to push it over the century mark, and the little Crossfire had plenty left! It's QUICK! Handles like a slot car and stops on less than a dime. It's a shame she very seldom lets me drive it. It's her baby all the way!