This is my Mk 3 Capri Project not long after I bought it....2 years ago!!! I can't believe its been that long. I've had been searching for a Mk 3 Capri for 6 years prior to this one coming up for sale. They were never availble for sale in Australia, so they are very rare. The only one around are personal imports. This car came out the factory as a base model 1300 back in 1978. The original owner then emigrated to Perth in Wa back in the early 80's. The daughter then inherited the car and moved to Melbourne.....Yes, its well travelled. The car was advertised for $2000 back in mid 2004. I rushed over to look at it but before I could get there it had been sold to another Capri Club member....Over the next few weeks I negotiated with two people to purchase the car, minus the seats and rear bumper for $600 MORE than it was original advertised for. How's that for inflation!!!! My Uncle owned a Mk III 3.0s from new and from the age of 8 I've always wanted to own one myself, so I currently rebuild this car into a replica of that car. When complete, it will be Signal Orange with a 3.1lt Essex V6 connected to a 4speed Escort box....But that will be a while off yet. Stay tuned.