I bought my sedan in March of 2006 with about 154K miles on it. The previous owner had taken pretty nice care of the car. I had been looking for a car for a very long time (about a year). I test drove a few Integras (94 ) some Jettas & GTI's (94 ), a few older Audi Quattros, and a Passat wagon, but none of them compared to the drive of the Legacy. I was living in Bend, Oregon @ the time, and was already driving a '95 Legacy wagon 4EAT AWD, courtesy of my generous parents. I loved the all wheel traction of the wagon, but it always felt kind of sluggish and Grandma status being an automatic wagon. Needless to say I'm very content with my sedan, I love the handling, the styling, the ride, the noise of the boxer engine, the fact I can fit four full size adults. The Subaru is really a very complete package. This one is a 1995 "L" Ruby Mica in color with the 2.2L, AWD, and no ABS. The current mods I have installed on the car are: 1.'05 Black WRX front seats, '99 GT Limited black leather rear seats w/ center armrest. Black leather door card inserts3. '98-'99 OEM Two-piece headlights 4. Cusco shift bushing (huge improvement in feel) 5. Waiting for paint: Legacy GT side-skirts, GT spoiler, GT rear bumper lip, JDM power folding mirrors, and will buy & install a set of OE JDM foglights @ the same time along with JDM tails sidemarkers. 6. '02-'03 WRX 16" Wheels w/ 205/55 Toyo Observe Studless winter tires. This is an old pic from around May of '06