This is my 1985 GMC Sierra. I bought it about 2 years ago with a stock 350 5.7L V8 in it. The engine was running well but the body has seen better days, mainly the bed. Recently the tailgate hinges have rotted off and there is about an inch of hidden Bondo on one side. I am looking for a new bed to replace the old one, but not having any luck. I am planning on keeping this as a project, while I go to school for automotive. The only work it has ever really needed was when I blew a head gasket and had to rebuild the engine. Doing so, I decided to try out an old Edelbrock Intake Manifold, made for my truck, we had laying around; but this somehow made everything heat way up.It was over 500 degrees and both my exhaust manifolds turned bright white. So I switched it back over to the origional one and it cooled off...but, now it was running too rich. We drilled out the Carbuerator mixture screw plugs and made it cleaner, but I may end up buying a new one anyways. Things I plan on doing: -Partial Frame off -Bed replacment Parts Needed: -bed -weather stripping -New tires & rims -front bumper -Seat -dash -windshield