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350700R4’s 1968 Mercury Monterey

The Merc

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Comments (27)
  • rabbit1969
    Cool ride, that this is huge! check out my rides sometime
  • restomerc
    That's one sweet Merc. I have my grandfather's 1968 Meteor (it's a Rideau 500 - Canadian version of the Monterey) but yours is in much better shape. Love it. I have no pics on the site yet, but check it out when I do.
  • sammerc
    well my dad parked it so close to the trailer that it actually looks like it is hook on but its really not. thanks for the comment! i will keep you updated with what i am going to do. right now i need to work my butt off to get money to do what i want to do. hopefully i can make it look nice by the time i am 16 which is in december. later!
  • sammerc
    I love the color! I think I am going to paint my car a little brighter blue than yours but it is still beautiful. check out my 66' merc monterey.
  • hotrdlinc
    Howdy. I used to own this car when I lived in Kendall. Did you do anything to the inside of the 390? C-ya.
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