This lovely specimen is American, beginning its life in Fort Myers, Florida, where it was bought new in 1987 by a retired couple. This was one of only 14,500 wagons produced between 1986 and 1988, the "face-lift" years of the K-series LeBarons. The couple drove it regularly, and it saw a lot of highly miles. They used to drive regularly to New Brunswick, and since the car was in need of repairs (brakes, entire suspension, etc.), they decided to trade it in. I came across it for the first time in December of 2005, when a young man had it, but we couldn't strike a deal. I re-discovered it in February 2006, after I had done the research to know that a loaded wagon was rare. I bought it, and found that a lot of little things needed some attention, so I spent the next few months bringing it back to original specs. The only catch is that the digital odometer was broken, so I can only assume the mileage. My Dodge-savvy mechanic and I figure it's got 150,000 km's or so. The good news is that this car was garage-kept all its life, so the Mark Cross interior is cracked, but NOT split. I've been treating it, so it's in even better shape now. The head gasket had been replaced, but the turbo is in original condition, which is rare. It was then that I realized that I was a true LeBaron collector. Having the wagon was a true thrill, and I knew that I had found a missing link to my collection. All in all, he's a blast to drive, since the wood-grain applique draws attention anywhere I go. I'm glad that Woody is in the shape that he is. I'm very prowd to have him!! UPDATE!! On Saturday, September 22nd / 2007 Woody won a People's Choice Award at a carshow in Fredericton amongst 108 cars registered!!UPDATE!!  On Saturday, April 24th / 2010 Woody won a Best In Class Award at the 2010 Radical Speed Sport Show in Moncton NB... may the trend continue!!