this truck has alot of history behind it. well basically it was built in 77 out of two wrecked trucks. a 75 f250 and a 75 f100 ranger. My uncle rebuilt it back then out of the two trucks. the running gear and the engine were out of the 250 and the body was the 100. The engine is a 351 modified i put a new transmission in it about 1500 miles ago. The truck itself only has 42,175 miles total. It is also a highboy model so it sits fairly tall stock. He used to have 44's, kc daylighters, holley double pumper, hooker headers, and a detroit locker which it still has to this day. the other parts were taken off when we used it for a spray truck. This old truck may be rusty but it's dependible and powerful. sorry i don't have any pics ill fix that when i have a chance. this isn't my truck but it's the same body style.