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vlado5’s 1996 Toyota Corolla

The story....The legend.....The 1996 Toyota Cor...

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Another vlado5 1996 Toyota Corolla post...
  • Nov 15, 2013

Performance Mods...Well i finally realized after doing some mods to this car that the engine is weak but it is super efficent. Therefore im saving for a 4age, hopefully ... more

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Comments (314)
  • gold94corolla
    Actually, it doesn't look bad now! It looks low enough, I guess... the rims are big enough. The lights are all good... if I had to say what should be next, I'd say a spoiler of some sort. Maybe a Subaru one! I almost think one of those would look sweet on my car lol but I've got the BMW lip spoiler. So, what color is your paint, anyway? Black or really dark green? Hey if you want gages for inside, try these: but it looks like you'll need the tach gages, never mind. I want them, but I'd have to get the tach first (which I want, anyway). If I could find the gages for the non tach ones, I'd have them!
  • slowngreen
    well mine fits that way too, and if u find other rollas with the same back lip they fit crappy too!!! mine was a big pain putting on cuz it didnt want to line up at all, i ended up using self tapping screws in several spots then ground the heads off and bondo'd over them. ur rides looking really good though man, u need to lower it now.
  • gold94corolla
    Yeah, it is really dirty! How long has it been done? Did you paint and install yourself? I see you decided to paint the brakes red. Any problems with that?
  • slowngreen
    nice dude, that looks great!!! do u have sides? the only thing i dont like about those lips is the way the back one fits, i have the same one u know. i finished painting mine as well, let me know what u think. so whats next?
  • gold94corolla
    That's fine because you have new pictures! It looks much better now, and everything seems to go well together. I'm liking the tail lights more as a result. Do you have the lip kit sides/
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