Hi Everyone, *Update* - On March 27th 2007 I finally decided to part with my Fifth Ave. and sold it to a friend for $800.00. This is exactly what it looks like, (a piece of @$#!) no, no, that's mean, beleive it or not this car is very reliable (but i'll get into that later). It's just my work car, cheap transportation to get to and from work, that way I don't have to worry about anyone scratching the paint on my Maxima. It is a 1991 Chrysler New Yorker Fifth Avenue, it has the 3.3 Liter 201-CID OHV V-6 in it, the same motor Chrysler put in the Voyager, Caravan, Town & Country, Dynasty, etc... It is equipped with Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injection, Has DIS (no cap and rotor) for this bad boy. I am the 4th Owner of this vehicle. I bought this car in September of 2004, for $1,100. Not bad eh'? $1,100 and have been driving it for almost 3 years? In terms of reliability, the engine runs 110%, I just did quite a bit of work to it: 1. Serpentine Belt 2. Water Pump 3. Tune-Up (Plugs, Wires, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, PCV Valve) 4. Head Gaskets in December of 2004 5. Castrol GTX 5W 30 oil change every 3,000 Miles In terms of transmission, unfortunately you got stuck with.... you got it... the A-604, (Booooooo Hooooo...) reliablity for this trans, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being very reliable and 10 being the worst transmission in the universe, i'd give it an 11. The trans was completely overhauled in 2002 with only 81,000 miles on it by the orginal owner. As of right now, with 38K on the rebuilt trans, the trans shifts smoother than a baby's ass. I just recently put new pads on the front, new goodyear's all the way around, new shoes, wheel cylinders, and metal lines in the rear. Now here is what needs fixing: 1. The Automatic Load Leveling System in the rear doesn't pump up anymore, the air bags blew out, which means the car always sags in the ass end, you can't put anyone or anything on the back or else you'll bottom out. 2. My blower motor speed switch stopped working, so i rigged up this neat little contraption, a wire going from the B on the blower motor with a circuit breaker in the middle in case things get too hot to another wire that runs to ground. 3. The odometer stopped working on August 29th 2006, so it now reads 120,659 all the time, (But honest to god...I swear on my life...that from the time it stopped working until now, i've been writing down how many miles i've done on what dates, that way when I eventually fix it, I can set the new one to the proper mileage). 4. Ahhh...the infamous Chrysler PC2 Diamond Blue Metallic paint...or well,... any Chrysler paint for that matter...is peeling very badly. (See pics down below). 5. The Landau top is also in need of some pretty heavy repair...it too is also peeling very badly. And last but not least, 6. The car has 3 rot spots I have to fix up, one is going up the passenger side wheel well, one is under the driver's side front floor board, and one is under the passenger's side front floor board. I would really like to fix this ASAP, so it doesn't start to rot the frame. I know it sounds like this car is a piece of junk, but it's all body wise and it's all fixable with some time and effort. Mechanically though, this car runs terriffic, i've driven to Chicago, IL and back to PA and it ran just fine. I really do like this car.