Right now it's just as basic as when it was sold in 1987, except for the CD player/radio. There are no other upgrades. Engine replacement at 120K, it now has 173K. Its exterior is brown w/ wood grain panel with light tan leather interior, and power everything. I knew this would be a project car when I saw it, as the former owner let loose on some of the more important things (ie,broken-off ignition key, no fuel cap, and a fuel gauge that doesn't work acurately, no cargo lights, doors handles broken, and some mechanisms not working); considering he kept the vehicle running well. My first project is to ensure the timing and carb are working properly (float isn't) and get the fuel gauge working all the time - not just when it has 2 gallons left! I plan to rewire the CD player closer to the battery to keep it from cutting out. The fun things I plan include installing a CB with mag. antenna, interior running lights, GPS, new interior carpet and linings, repair the leather, and possibly a DVD system. I do want it to have a new paint job would like a primary color instead of the brown. I'm open to tips and ideas of what other G.W. owners have done, and other Jeep owners to try on mine. It's a big car for a little girl but I like my space. I frequently camp, take road trips and move stuff. It's 20 years old, but I love it! Of course, my other dream car was a Pontiac Station Wagon. Hmm.. I've got a "thing" for spacious cars. And with proper maintenance and care, it will last another 20 years!