Have you seen my baby? I'm searching for my 1984 Citation II. I want to restore or rebuild her, and add some tweaks in the process. Here she is at 5 years old (1989): I sold her to a friend in 2002. That same year she was in a front-end collision and went away to the wrecker's yard. :( I would have had my friend send it back to me, but I was broke then and he lives in Atlanta. I live up near Pittsburgh. Anyhoo, now that my finances are more solvent, I'm trying to buy her back, even if it's just in pieces. I contacted the wrecker, Brown & Brown on Peachtree Rd in Chamblee, GA, and the guy said he didn't have any record of ever having that car. It's probably because it's been 4 years, I know, but I thought they'd have something. Do any of you have advice on how I can find out what really happened to the rest of my car? I've tried searching on the VIN (1G1AX08X2ET104487), but the last info is about the accident. Is it totally hopeless? Should I just try to find a clone? Thanks! --Kathy, kathy.hall@yahoo.com