This is Kitty, my series 3 1987 Jaguar XJ6 in isis blue. After more than 230k miles, more repairs and mods than I can count, and a whole lot of love, time, and money, Kitty remains a very important part of who I am. Not only does she have personality, she's got quite the attitude. On occaision, one would almost swear that she is alive. For instance, she intermittently refuses to open the passenger side door lock. I am convinced that this is directly related to who is about to go for a ride and how they have been treating me that day. Of course, with a car that has seen three owners (including myself), it is not without it's share of problems due to the abuse and neglect it has suffered over the years from previous owners and a little wreck due to yours truly. Not to mention the amount of stereo equipment that I've installed. I eventually hope to make her into the world's best sounding Series 3 XJ6. She's a true beauty, a head-turning sex machine even when covered in dirt and road grime. This is my internet-based homage to her.