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89towncarsig’s 1989 Lincoln Town Car

1989 loncoln town car

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Comments (5)
  • MyFFord
    Cool ride, see mine too :-)
  • willean23
    whats good man, where did you get your interior done at Im trying to find someone good. I got a 89 lincoln that Im putting together for a slab. I got swangas already just need to get my car painted and insides done get back at me aight.
  • ManicLTC
    Great Top!
  • Cowl327
    Dude!!!that car needs some big fat chrome tips out the back and maybe some wider wheels and tires.....I think the mustang wheels will fit.Lets build you a cold air intake for it....ill do it for free! or a 32 flat screen LOL LOL
  • lincolnlsc21man
    looks good