This is the 1964 Cadillac Superior Crown Royale, Ambulance Hearse combination that i purchased this summer (2006). I haven't even taken possession of it yet as i am in the military stationed in Iraq (only for a short time longer). but i am looking to do some restoring to it. it doesn't "look" to need much i am having a hell of a time finding a replacement rear window (which is broken out) the engine had a blown rod (can that be fixed?) so a replacement caddy engine is being installed. and then it gets to get transported to california. Oh and the flames, well the ones that are on it right now are going to be toast, i think they look like crap. I think this is a cool looking car, good interior excellent exterior, and of course suicide doors on both sides, plus original drapes. all for $3,000 what a deal. If you are interested in purchasing some Hearse Projects i know of 3 sites that has classic cadillacs hearse/ambulances for sale. email me at Gregg