First off, this is my first car. this is when i first got it. i will put up more pics when i get access to a camera. I Have Currently 4 in lift kit 33' tires Straight 6 Kenwood 200 Watt Amp 2 Channel (need to upgrade badly) Panisonic Head Unit (Cheapy Walmart 80 bucks.) Two Pioneer 6X9 3 Way, of course, they dont currently work with my amp. Halogen Front Headlights Hard Top Hard Doors Soft Doors Bikini Top Bikini Back Power Locks Alarm System 1000 Watt Inverter Hardwired Under The Seat Police Siren (Stolen) Police Scanner (Stolen) CB Radio (Stolen) EQ (Stolen) Power Steering Things I Need To Work On. AC, doesnt work, not hooked up Halogens, Need To Hook Up, otherwise they do work. (swich died) Heater Instementaion Panel The Battery Gauge and Oil Gauge dont work, and the lights on fuel and clock dont work Things I Need To Buy Sony 800 Watt Amp SUBS New head unit. Pics Coming As Progress As Made.