I did not even know what kind of car it was, but soon purchased it. This is my 2nd 280Z. The first one I left behind in California for someone else to enjoy. These cars are high quality. The engines seem to run for ever. They are fun to work on and more fun to drive. The first generation Datsun Z Cars just seem to have some kind of special spirit that draws you to them. I hope you enjoy looking at my car. It is a work in progress. It runs great, but I am trying to restore it back to new. The only performance upgrades I have done so far include a K&N cold-air intake, MSA Aerospace Thermal Coated 6 into 1 Header, and a 2 1/2" Exaust pipe back to a glasspack with dual tips on the end.Since I added the cold-air intake, header & the exaust upgrade - I can tell a huge difference in performance. It is a 4 speed manual transmission with an inline 6.Anyway - I love driving my Z - I race it around town to much! No speeding tickets yet. I have seen some 280Z and some 240Z that had awesome upgrades that I would love to have. I raced against a 1977 280Z that had a racing cam, headers, aluminum fly wheel, msd, really the works and that car beat the pants off me, but it was fun!