Last June, after I left my father's house, I got about 3 or 4 houses down, and a mini van was on the side of the road blocking my view, and the guy who was driving the Chevy Silverado that backed out into me from us seeing each other. When I saw his rear bumper, it was too late. I swerved, but I didn't do a good enough job. The estimate to repair it was 6,012$. I've been slowly fixing it with help from my father. I had to have the frame pulled, and we replaced the core support on the passenger side to the front and then to the middle of the car. I have purchased an after market bumper for it, I got both the doors and the current "blue" fender off a wrecked Outback at the local junk yard. I had no luck with the hood, bumper or the gas door. The headlight cost me $118, off the books through a dealership. I purchased an after market bumper, due to the fact I didn't think I'd find a car with one on it. I haven't had much luck finding anything online, as far as after market parts. Any info would be greatly appreciated. The repair will continue, then I'm not sure if the car is going to head down the road.Recently bought a factory wing from ebay, pretty resonable price, one it's been painted and fitted, I'll post some pictures. Still looking for a hood with the scoop and some projected headlights. Any information as to good places online to get aftermarket parts would be great!I tore the system out for the 2005!