2005 Chrome Orange with every option and $14k in non warranty comprimising Mods! Hardtop/ Sport Pack/ Touring Pack/ New Lotus Stage 2 Exhaust (4-06)/ Lotus Starshield/ Lifestyle Paint Chrome Orange Metallic/ New Rear Challenge Grill (3-06)/Rac Monolite Wheels w/ 245/40 rear set-up/ ITG Intake/ Reverie Carbon Fibre Valve Cover, Intake Manifold Cover, Exige Side Scoops/ Micro Mirror/ Rear Badge/ Carpet Buttons/ Quick Release Rear Diffuser/ Weathershield car cover/ Hardwired Valentine 1 Radar Laser Protection/ UK Carbon Fibre Rear Wing attached to Chassis/ Carbon Mirror Covers/ Pwdrctd Calipers/ Pwdrctd Center Console/ $2k FoCal sound system, etc.This car has great handling ability which blows my mind everytime I go around a turn, ramp, or bend. It is considered by many to be the best handling sports car in the world with the exception of its steroid filled sibling, the Lotus Exige.Unfortunately life is not as easy to negotiate. We run around at 100mph going through the twists and turns this life gives yet not knowing why we are doing so in the first place. So for those of you who hate slamming into the walls of life with no answers goto Stop and Think