i currently own a 1991 Audi 200tq that has had a few light modifications done to it. Currently it has a crappy K&N air filter, TAP chip, and a Porsche 944 Turbocharger. It is getting a 5 angle valve job, porting and polishing the heads, and getting news manifolds as I write this. This car has been through hell and back and runs like a dream. It has about 190k on the odometer and has been clocked at 191mph, confirmed by GPS, on the highway. It'll kill the average ricer, VR4's, 2jz's, and M3's. It has high performance Wallmart radials and runs straight pipes. It has an inline 5 cylender motor with four valves per cylender and so on and so forth. This is a picture of a car like mine, ill update when my camera starts working again