For detailed info on my building of this car, go to:  AlteredZ.comOriginally when these photos were taken, I had converted the car to V8 power and was using a double-hump headed 327c.i. small block Chevy V8.  The 327 developed a rod knock from sustained 7000rpm use, then I rebuilt it with another crank and rods while I had the first iteration of the 407c.i. small block in the car.  That engine needed to come out due to a sleeve wrinkling in cylinder #6, so I installed the 327 after it's rebuild, tracked the car once at Summit Point, then sold the 327 knowing it was sound.I now have a ~500hp/500lb-ft 407c.i. small block Chevy V8 installed. The rear tires don't have a chance!  :)I changed my mind on cams from when I was originally planning the 407 - I went from a solid flat tappet Crane cam (114681) to a Cam Motion Low Lash Solid Roller: 281/281@.020", 251/251@.050", .555/.555" lift, 105 LSA.  David Vizard designed a very similar cam for me using the details I provided for the engine/car/use.  His design used Comp Cams solid roller lobe # 4876 on the 105 LSA.  I was in a hurry and needed the cam ASAP so I found that Cam Motion could turn one around quickly and I went with them.The engine is now running a Holley HP830 with annular boosters, on a Professional Products Crosswind dualplane intake (Performer RPM clone).  The previous versions of the 407 went bad twice - once because I ran it lean at WOT using a 4bbl TBI and a Megasquirt ECU that hadn't been fully tuned and killed the sleeved GM block, then again when I built the engine again with a new Dart block becuase it overheated on it's maiden voyage down to Florida in traffic on 95 south due to a malfunctioning cooling fan connector that melted and a piston skirt became galled causing a knock.  The car and I came home on the Autotrain to Lorton VA and I limped her home.  Luckily the block cleaned up with a hone and I rebuilt the engine with SRP pistons, JE rings, and a balance job.I had to change the valve springs because of the roller cam specs versus the previous solid flat tappet cam I was using, and then the valves needed to be upgraded to be able to deal with the stiffer springs - Ferrea Comp Plus valves now.With Desktop Dyno saying 500/500 hp/lbft, I should easily be in the 11s, but traction, that is an issue!A realistic test came in July 2008 at a track event at VIR, right after this latest rendition of the 407 was installed.  On the back straight (over 4000 ft. long) I could stay right even with my buddy's Ford GT (yeah, the GT40 like car, not the Mustang) until I stopped accelerating at 140mph due to vibration - the wheels/tires needed balancing.  So I'm figuring that it has the same 0-60 and 1/4 mile stats as that car.  No, I could not keep up in the turns, but almost.  But that was probably due to my ham fists as well :).I have a great deal of info about the construction of the car on my site: Click here for a detailed summary of the modifications to the car.Here are a few more pics: