Buick Wildcat 1966 This is my Buick Wildcat Custom COupe from 66. It's totally original and all #s match. It's got a 425 with a single Qjet Rochester, ST/SP 400, PS, PB, Custom Coupe cream interior, headrests and after market Triple Gauge for essential information. The car has 65 k miles on it and was imported from Texas. This is the car in Belgium, 6 months after the import from Texas and where I bought it. Nice XXX! Face to face with a nice 65 example! Changing Oil, filters (oil/fuel), belts, pvc valve, fuel pump, sparks, temp unit and alternator. Also lubed the front end with a grease gun. August 06, Recently changed: air filter and a brand new NOS official '66 Q-jet Rochester replacement carb. (Correct number) Going to the Saturday Cruise Night in The Hague New GS steering wheel plus Buick 60's TACH, 3000 RPM @ 80 Mls/hr Finally! New ralley wheels, original centers and new whitewalls!!! Icing on the cake !!!!