Get this Code and See more Videos hereI have totally tricked out this explorer. First i put new wheels and tires on it. Second i did a front end alighnment then i got a new fan belt i got new spark plugs new spark plug wires i put in a clutch a new battery i got a new flywheel. I also got 2 12inch subs with an amp and a box. I put a sony xplod cd player i got a viper alarm. Then i got a new grille and new headlights.Billet Grille New taillights air intake new hypertech low temp thermostat new fan blade new wheel bearings new altinator These are the insignia subs This is a close up of the subs Thats the front end Those are the new lights Theres the side of my car Those are my new sparkplug wires This is my amp There is my cd player another view of my spark plug wires My viper alarm My alarm The Rear of My Car My new taillights My new 12" Audiobahn Subs New Soundstorm Amp New Altinator Air intake Subwoofer fuse Fuse Wire Billet Grille