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Cbody70’s 1970 Dodge Polara

1970 Dodge Polara Convertible - Restored Sept 0...

3 photos
Another Cbody70 1970 Dodge Polara post...
  • Nov 13, 2013

"Nessie" spent most of her life in Colorado but now resides in Ontario Canada and is now on the 6th owner. The above picture is what she looked like in early J ... more

Another Cbody70 1970 Dodge Polara post...
  • Nov 13, 2013

As mentioned above a couple unique features of this car are the rare Superlite option located in the left side of the grill and the Fratzog bumper seen only in sales lit ... more

  • Engine Size
  • HP
  • 0-60 Time
  • Weight
  • 1/4m sec
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
    -1 mph
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color

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Comments (17)
  • 426HemiCharger
    Switch her back to steelies!! She looks better with 'em. They're plain and simple.
  • Biggee72
    Maybe I'm retarded but the polara is one of my favorite cars of the passed and I never knew there was a vert. 5*!!
  • richiesdodge383
    Nice Polara!
  • bladeball27
    sweet ride, i just picked up a 70 hardtop polara...
  • moparornocarman
    Hello, This is a real treasure that you own! It looks great! 5 stars Enjoy cruising, Jeff
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