2000 Diablo Roadster Built on an 86 stretched Fiero. I have spent countless hours rebuilding this car, with new front end components, 2.8 V6 with 5 spd trans, A/C, power windows, in dash 6? LCD screen, with rear backup camera and DVD player. Lambo mats, new tires and rims, front 245/40-17, rear 335/35-17. I will be honest with you, this car is not perfect. It runs and drives great. I had most of the engine rebuilt with new water pump, valve lifter, oil pump etc. about $8,000 of repairs, have all bills. There is still a couple of things that should be done to make this car perfect. 1) The doors work but hinges should be changed to make it better. 2) The power windows work but there are no seals around the windows. I always keep them down anyway. And last is the roof. It fits but there are no latches. I never drive with it on. I have enjoyed the car for 2 years and met a lot of great people but my back can?t handle it any more and its time to let it go. Call me or e-mail me with any questions you have. I will send you more pictures upon your request. Price: $39,500 CHECK OUT MY KUSTOMRIDES LINK TO VIEW MORE PHOTOS AND MORE CARS I HAVE FOR SALE!!!!