This is my 1978 Pontiac LeMans Sedan. It is nearly all original with 65k miles and was purchased by me in 2000 from the original owner in Rumford, ME. It has the 231 ci Buick V6 engine and TH200 automatic. It's condition is excellent, and serves as a daily driver to and from work on any day when there is no snow or road salt on the streets. UPDATES:6/2005: Completely repainted in original color with new DuPont base/clear finish.8/2005: Replaced cam, lifters, and timing chain to eliminate engine tick.9/2005: Replaced exhaust from cat back, replaced shocks. Replaced head liner.8/2006: Replaced rear main oil seal, replaced oil pan gasket.4/2007: Replaced rear main oil seal AGAIN. This time using a new style Fel-Pro rubber one- rope seals are garbage! Finally for the first time in the six years I've owned this car no more rear oil seal leakage! Replaced rear yoke seal and speedometer seal on tranny.3/2009: Replaced fuel pump.  Replaced engine rocker arm shafts and all rocker arms.  Added dash pad to protect dash.  Replaced dead Delco AM/FM radio with identical functioning radio bought off E-Bay for $20.  Various small items repaired or replaced as need arises.  Still remains rock solid original powertrain car in perfect working order, still looks great.   3/2010:  Celebrating my 10th summer of driving the LeMans!  Replaced front brake line that rubbed through from missing clip on hose.  Replaced master cylinder.  Replaced brake pads and shoes. 6/2011:  Had upholstery shop replace cracking original full vinyl roof and reupholster front seat that was getting a little ghetto-ish.  Car looks great again and gets a lot of compliments.  Paint from 2005 is holding up amazingly well, still shines like new. 4/2013:  The LeMans is 35 years old this year!  It got new front brake calipers, rotors and pads and new brake shoes in the back for this year.  I put a new muffler on it last fall.  It's ready for the summer, still an awesome car!