Hello, This is just a VERY basic and preliminary page of my '74 Hornet. It has an AMC 304 V-8 with no mods....all stock motor, but runs smooth and strong. I don't race this car so I don't know what kind of quarter mile figures there are, etc. I enjoy this car cruising around. This car or any from AMC for that matter ALWAYS attract postive attention and smiles, waves and thumbs up! I've actually had people follow me for a few miles just to catch up and ask me "What kind of car IS that?!" "It's beautiful!" To all the other folks on this site who have shared your pictures and your modifactions with the rest of us, thanks! It's very enjoyable to read them and see what others do with their Hornets and AMC's! Happy and safe motoring to all!UPDATE:  I sold this car in 2007.  One of the dumbest things I have ever done and trust me, I have regretted it ever since!  If by chance you now own this car, please don't be shy about dropping me a line and letting me know how it's doing!  If you want to sell it back to me....even better!  :)-Tim