I've had this car since 97 and drove the out piss of it until the clutch finally died. This prompted a total tranny and engine overhaul. First few pics are just overhaul shots that show how far I've got her stripped down. Engine came supercharged stock but had been modified by Magnum Powers, Stage III which is a blower mod, 85mm Throttle Body, cold air with conical filter. 76mm MAF, and a raised top on the blower. Headers by Kooks, 2 1/2" true stainless duals with Magnaflows and baffled resonators. Polished Billet power pulleys by Supercoupe Performance, 15% overdrive on supercharger, 225 lph fuel pump, 42# injectors, Livewire ignition, SPEC stage II clutch, 1" drop, 17" Elite Lido's on 255/45 17" Falkens. Just added a chip as well. Need to Dyno!!! DUSK AND FIRST TRY ARE SOME COOL VIDS!!!!