I bought #1821 on 08 JAN 2005 after I wrecked & totalled my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire. As you can see from the picture, it's Sunlight Silver and as of writing I've got about 43,000 miles on her. The small logo in the rear window is for the Arizona Mazda Club and is also on the other side in the same location. They can be found here. I am also the Vice President of my school's racing club, the Embry-Riddle Racing Association in Prescott, AZ. The club is dedicated to track racing, and true to the club I spend quite a bit of time on the track in the MSP. Most of that is either at Phoenix International Raceway's infield track or at Firebird International. The car seems to hold up better than most through corners, but it just doesn't have the balls to keep up with the big boys on the straights. Which is why I have begun building the car towards track functions. I currently have a Perrin Short Ram, run NGK Iridiums, and AWR 95-duro motor mounts in all four positions. My windows were tinted by a private party to 12.5%. My brake calipers are done in MOPAR Red with a rattlecan. As well, thanks to AZMC, my rear lenses are blacked-out and my headlight housing has been done black. I had to do something in particular to achieve the "yellow eye" look on the turn indicators of the housings. Just shoot me a message if you'd like to know how. Planned Mods: Carillo Forged Rods CP Forged Pistons GReddy Profec B II Boost Controller Unichip EMS - Purchased 3/28/06 Apex Cat-less Downpipe CustomMSP SMIC (or the BEGi FMIC) Cast Aluminum Intake Manifold Stainless Steel Brake lines Fidenza Aluminum Fly In the short term I'm just looking to free-up some additional power. The Unichip EMS and the 3" catless DP will probably do that for me fairly well. After that, it will take some time but then I will be doing the rods and pistons - then upping the boost to ~14psi. This will likely require new fuel injectors, which I can get from a JDM STi. Update 28 March 2006: Yesterday I was cruisin around campus drivin real slow, when my day was rudely interrupted by my #2 rod exploding through my block. Needless to say, I was pleased. I had the car towed to Mazda and shockingly enough, they tell me they won't pay for a new engine because "I don't have a complete service history." Now I have to somehow prove that I change my oil every 3000 miles or they're telling me they won't warranty the car. My ass. I'm taking them to court.