This is a 1976 Mustang II Cobra. I had this car for a short time before selling it to a friend of mine. I bought this car for $500 because it did not run. After geting it to the shop and pulling the motor out and tearing into it, I found out that it had a busted crank. The same day I bought the Cobra I also bought a 1975 Granada Ghia for the same price but it had an awesome running 302 5.0 in it. So I planned an engine swap and waited for the right time. I drove this car back and forth to work and to see my GF at the time so I had to do it in a weekend with no hangups. One Friday after work I headed straight to the shop and started in on it. The difference between a 1975 Granada and a 1976 Cobra was huge so I had to do some custom work to get it all to fit. Come Monday Morning I still was not finnished so I called in to work so I could get it all bolted back together with no rush. This was one of the funnest cars I have ever driven. It was all stock the way it came from the factory exept for the 75' Granada engine swap, chrome rims and the JVC cassette deck that I installed. I drove it for about a year and sold it to a friend for $1500 to build the new motor for the 75' Granada.