I have a 1983 Dodge d-150 with a slant six. so far i haven't done much to the outside except for new tires and a stiffer suspension which makes it ride a little higher for a 2 wheel drive. On the inside I've put a cd player, 2 6x9 speakers, 2 6 1/2in speakers, and 2 2in tweeters. It sounds pretty good. although i dont quite have enough battery power and watts to run all the speakers at their RMS. On the engine i have replaced the carbureter, head, valves, distributor, wires, and coil. I have put in homemade cold ram air intake with a K&N filter and i built my own side exhaust. It sounds great, but due to problems with my spark control it doesnt run that great. It skips and runs pretty rough, but some days it randomly runs great and i wish it would stay that way. If anyone has some good and cheap performance tweaks, adjustments or upgrades let me know, i would love it. I plan to put a 3in body lift, headers, straight pipes, and a 4bbl carb. when i get money it'll happen. Hopefully This isn't actually my truck seeing that i dont have any pictures yet but it looks almost identical except for a few slight details like the color and ride height and tire size.But i should get some pics of my truck and the interior and every thing this weekend.