...and the first car I ever lost money on. I hated this thing moments after I purchased it. Cost me $7K, and a lot of headaches. My parents said it was my driving (and in part, that may be). But I found it listed in a book once as one of the all-time worse cars built. And it only listed the '88 model, right up there with the Corvair! I swore off owning another GM after that, but I have purchased a few more since. The pic is not my car, but it looks very close. They all look the same, pretty much. 1988 Limited silver two-door. Ugly. The only thing I can say good about this car is its relatively good performance. For a family car. When it ran. I topped it at about 125 once. She may have gone higher, but I couldn't do it with the pedal buried. Maybe if I had enough highway I could eek out a little more. But then again, 125 in that car was pretty dicey. Had a friend from highschool that owned the same car, with about 20K miles more than mine. Everytime his went into the shop, mine followed. Another clue that there was more than the driver at fault! Another problem is I bought this after my Mitsubishi Cordia was totalled. I loved that car, and this car was its opposite. It lasted me through the first couple of years of college. I traded it in running on four of the six cylinders and a transmission that was slipping away. I had no idea of the true mileage by then, the instrument cluster had gone out once and when I got it back from the dealership, the odometer would spin out of control. Sometimes forward, sometimes backwards, and sometimes it wouldn't move at all! Anyway, if anyone reads this, steer clear of the '88 model. Check out my other cars!