Mine. Nothing on this one yet, no modifications at all beyond a lightweight flywheel. All the money is going to the Miata and as soon as I deem that complete I will turn my sights and time to the WRX. The only history it has is that it was one of the first 7500 sedans in the U.S., just before Subaru decided to flood the market with them. It's the Bug Eye model and I love that style. Update, I just got a set of Prodrive springs. Two years ago I won a raffle at Rim of the World Rally. I spoke with the people who run Prodrive's US efforts at length. Meanwhile I had my daughter dressed up in a little Subaru World Rally Team outfit which scored her free shit wherever she went. Well, as life has a way of getting screwy, my winning raffle number came to me in the mail in the form of $100 of Prodrive springs. I was told to write to the sales department and I never heard anything back from them. Well, I had a knee surgery to deal with that month so I totally forgot about the springs. Fast forward to this month. I find out there's a big meet and techday at Prodrive. I spill my little story out there and as luck would have it, Dan from Prodrive was there when I had my daughter with me, when I put that little tidbit of info out there he immediately remembered me and gave me the $100 off even though the certificate was 2 years old! I have a set of aluminum control arms coming from a Canadian importer, as well as a set of steering rack bushings that have been hiding under the vast wasteland of crap on my workbench. Unfortunately now, I just had back surgery so that kind of prevents me from getting to work as soon as everything is in. At any rate, work is beginning on the WRX now, Here's a list of stuff I plan on doing as well. Prodrive Power Pack Stage 2 Prodrive P1 wheels Stainless brake lines Brakes, I see used Brembos on the market a lot, but I've also seen the Subaru Factory 4 pot front, 2 pot rear set up for pretty cheap brand new. Interior, gauge array in place of the stock clock. Eyeballing the Zerosports pod since it retains the stock clock. Not sure what else will change in there, maybe color change the gauge cluster and all the other light up crap to red. It's like pulling damn teeth to find gauges that match the WRX gauges that don't cost a fortune. However, most all gauge manufacturer's "Amber" color is a good match to an STi cluster. I'll also be doing the swaybars to try and tune out some of that horrible understeer, chassis braces are in line, maybe that Beatrush aluminum subframe even.