A little History: I have been doing custom cars now for 11 professionally. Most of my experience has been in Classic Muscle Cars. About 5 years ago I started getting into Import Cars. I bought this 1994 Accura Integra April 5th, 2005. This car was bone stock, thus far all modifications have been done by myself, as will all future modifications, including paint, body work, mechanical and any custom work. Current Modifications: Interior: I have installed a pretty wild audio/video system, I have 2 10? JL Audio ?10w6? sub woofers, powered by a JL Audio ?1000/1? amp. I also have 4 JL Audio ?XR650?s? installed in the cabin of the car. The deck is Kenwood KDC-MP628. Attatched to the deck I have a Creative Labs Nomad 60 gig mp3 player. I have 3 LCD screens in the car, one molded into the dash, right under the Kenwood deck, and one on each of the headrests. The front driver and passenger seats are Tuned by Matrix Diablo seats. Autometer Monster Tack sits on the dash with a blue shift light. Gauges are white-faced reverse indiglo in the stock location, with blue anodized backing. Gears are shifted by anodized blue short throw shifter and anodized blue shift handle. Covering shift lever is a custom black leather shift boot with blue neon wired stitched in. Mounted on the left pillar is a triple pod gauge mount with white faced 7 color led gauges that read oil pressure, volts and vaccum. Exterior: Body modifications consist of a Ballistic Body Kit, custom green paint mixed by PPG. Siver dragons decorate the sides, purchased from www.streetdecals.com. BMW style Z3 frnders on the side, as well as BMW M5 style carbon fiber mirrors allow side vision. Terminator II tail wing keeps the rear end planted. Windows are tinted with 2 ?% tint to keep the California rays out of the car. The body sit lowered 3 ? inches on Matrix coilovers, and spinnin the ground by 17? Kiowa Racing 5 spoke rims, held on with blue anodized lug nuts. Matrix front strut bar and rear upper and lower strut bars help with the cornering. AEM cold air intake and Magnaflow muffler on 2 ? inch exhaust helps the motor breath. Clear corner lights are mounted in front, running factory legal lights, and blue LED lights just for show, as well as Black Halo Headlights, same blue LED lighting inside. Under car has the new Street Glow 7 color LED light bars, and blue LED to glow in the Z3 side vents.