this is a picture of my truck before taken it to get it redone. It is an emerald green 4x4, 318 engine, chrome everything, new nerf bars, grill guard, and 15" wheels on 35" mudterrians its straight piped not that weak catback crap. O YA IM A REAL HICKMEN. This is a picture of the front, please mind the damage I hit a deer on my way to work very minor though( it is in the process of bein fixed) JOHN DEERE FOREVER Picture of my interior, ya its messy but what do you think a workin mans truck looks like ( its also being redone) This is a picture of the back isnt she gorgious, look at those pipes comin straight out the side. that is also a aftermarket chrome grill. this is a picture of the front end minus the hood after gettin her stripped down buck naked. a picture of the left side of my baby. Right side of the dodge, im keepin the trim peices off for a new sleek custom look. This is the left side again, thats my brother workin on the bed thsi is the front, but with the hood on those "fake scoops" will be fiberglassed in and then made functunal left side primered and ready for a paint job, o by the way im planing on painting it a saphire blue that has high metallic flake count in it. this is the right side primered, and yes when spring time comes around i will have more pictures to update what i have now thanx.